The foundations of PLINTHS.LONDON have always been deeply rooted in the Arts and for many years we have been supporting galleries, fashion brands and emerging artisans with product displays, exhibitions, and Pop-Up shops. Our business draws inspiration and support from all areas of the creative industry and it has been our goal to facilitate as many creative partnerships as possible. We understand the importance of partnerships and what the marriage of two groups can create, and it has been this understanding that brought us together with Innovation RCA, the Royal College of Arts centre for enterprise, entrepreneurship, incubation and business support. In June Innovation RCA supported a talented group of 16 entrepreneurs with a Pop-Up showcase in Central London. The Pop-Up event, titled INTRODUCING was a fantastic opportunity for emerging talent and new businesses to present their collections to the general public, and the event was extremely well received. 

PLINTHS.LONDON were delighted to have been asked to help facilitate and sponsor the INTRODUCING Pop-Up event. As well as contributing all of the display elements for the Pop-Up space, our team provided general guidance on the design schemes for the showcase as well as support with product placement, visual merchandising and general styling. Our visual merchandising team came up with a classic design for the space that would allow the brands the opportunity to present their products in the best way possible, as well as working seamlessly within the overall exhibition space. Clusters of varying size white plinths, platforms and cubes were used throughout the space providing height and form mimicking the rise and fall of the stones at the Giants Causeway. These cluster forms within the white venue space gave the Pop-Up a sense of impact and dialogue that enabled the 16 brands to showcase their work in an organised yet individual manner, true to their own design beliefs. 

  • Elements used in this Pop-Up concept included: 60 Classic White Wooden Plinths (in various sizes), Platforms to provide height, Jewellery Plinths with internal lighting, Marble additions applied to plinths surfaces, glass domes and other VM props. 
  • Recreating this Pop-Up scheme would cost approximately £18,000 (including all design proposals, products, visual merchandising and event styling) 

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