Mirror and reflective surface bring life and drama to an environment, bouncing light, shape and form around a space and enhancing the products on display. Mirrored displays do soo much more than just act as a reflection, they change the dynamic of a space and breath life into the installation. At PLINTHS.LONDON we have always loved experimenting with reflective surfaces, and how they work together in a retail or interior space. Simply adding the element of mirror completely changes the dynamic, and this look can be so easily achieved by adding in a select few items that have a mirrored finish. As part of our hire range we have several products that embrace the use of mirror, from our luxurious Mirrored L’Concept console table, to our metal frame collections with gunmetal mirror tops. In addition to our standard mirrored items we also have full manufacturing capabilities to produce full mirrored plinths in both acrylic, and toughened gunmetal mirror.

Our visual merchandising team have been busy experimenting with set composition and the use of mirror, as detailed in our latest photoshoot. All the items in this shoot are available through and our team are on hand to help you achieve this look with minimal effort and expense. 


Creating a meaningful display concept that is well-executed, dynamic and full of impact can be a challenge at the best of times. We understand that getting this right is never easy and that’s why our skilled team of spatial planners and visual merchandisers spend numerous hours playing around with new spacial designs and installation concepts, utilising a catalogue of products that are available through PLINTHS.LONDON. Many of our clients have struggled to visualise different display plinths, products and materials together in a space, so that’s why we encourage our clients to come to our showroom space and experiment with our team to create truly dynamic sets that work for them and their brands.

As part of our latest product launch we have put together 3 sets using 8 items from our new mirrored collection. The 8 items (rails, hangers, plinths and platforms) have been mixed in with extra props to enhance the set and emphasise the use of reflective surfaces. By utilising different sizes, shapes, form and materials we have created a basic installation that is instantly transferable to a retail space, pop up and store in-store concept. We hope that this series of installation setups provide you with some insight and inspiration.

Some of our favourites include

Black Frame Plinths

Gold Frame Plinths

White Frame Plinths

Black Frame Clothing Rails

Gold Frame Plinths Clothing Rails

White Frame Plinths Clothing Rails

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