Throughout September our team have been working closely with the amazing textiles and soft furnishings company ‘One Nine Eight Five’. The company were looking for a flexible display solution and scheme that could work across various platforms, from store in store, to window installations and pop-up shops. Our brief was simple, we needed to provide a range of fixtures that enhanced the products on display, were adaptable, cost effective and durable. By utilising our standard range of metal frame plinths, consoles and clothing rails, our team were able to offer the client a basic kit that could be scaled up or down according to the specific display requirements. 

The kit was formed around the beautiful gold metal frames, utilising different top surfaces including black ash and natural ash.  The flexibility in the fixtures enabled the client to evolve and adapt according to the collection they are presenting, or the environment that they were presenting in. 

As well as guiding the client through the process of selecting the appropriate display kit, our visual merchandising team were on hand to help One Nine Eight Five merchandise the product in situ, creating an instant shop-able space that is appealing to the eye and accessible for the consumer. Working with soft furnishings is always a challenge when it comes to merchandising a space, and one of the main issues that our team often get presented with, is “how do we display throws, bed linen and other large textiles in a way that is appealing?” The answer here is always dependent of the fixtures, but there are always effective ways to make any fixture work for your needs. 

A few pointers on how to get the look and create the perfect product display:

1) Make sure you select a flexible kit that can be adapted to your needs, think about what heights and shop-able surface areas you require. Include variety in your fixture heights – you do not want to have everything at the same height as this can make things look flat 
2) Think about the texture and colour of the fixtures – you want to make sure they work with your product and do not work against them or clash in any way
3) Review your floor plan and make sure your selected kit fits and works aesthetically in situ – dimensions are key! 
4) Create interest in the formation of your kit, do not just line everything up side by side along one wall – consumers want to be taken on a journey so give them something to walk around and build interest – this can be achieved even when presenting the smallest of collections. 
5) When bringing in your product, make sure you consider your ‘hero products’. Hero products need to be enhanced in a space, so consider giving them more room and a more prominent placement within the space. Adding focused lighting can be a great way of drawing attention
6) Start layering your product on the fixtures – avoid overloading your fixtures with too many items, less is often more and you can always replenish the stock once it has sold off the fixture. Think about layering in quantities of 3 – 5 
7) Soft furnishings can be folded and layered, also consider rolling the items to create more interest
8) Utilising rails can be a great alternative to folding soft furnishing, consider hanging the items from the rails using a basic knot method, this is visually interesting and easy to achieve. You can then layer the folder items in organised piles at the base of the rail 
9) Bringing in a few hangers can really make a difference – if you can hang items then this is a really good way of maximising what you have out on display. You can even replicate items that are folded, and have duplicates hanging in the full colour range. This will also reduce the amount of folding and unfolding you have to do in store

Assisting our clients with Visual Merchandising and guidance on fixtures is what we do best. Our team are dedicated to making sure you get what you need, and guiding you through the entire process. We pride ourselves on having over 30 years experience in the retail and design trade and we want to offer that extended knowledge to all of our clients. 

A few words from the Director of One Nine Eight Five, Eleanor Nadimi:

“PLINTHS.LONDON have been amazing from the word go, as a company we had been searching for a supplier who could offer us more than just furniture for hire, we really needed someone to help us and guide us in a visual sense. Working in soft furnishing is amazing, but styling them can be a much greater challenge. The VM team at PLINTHS.LONDON really nailed it for us, we are delighted with their gorgeous fixtures and all of their in-depth knowledge around Visual Merchandising and styling” 

This feature includes plinths, console table, hanging rails and hangers all from PLINTHS.LONDON. All the soft furnishings can be purchased through One Nine Eight Five or by visitings HEALS in-store or online.

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