Fatman Scoop x Mr Doodle – hosted by PLINTHS.LONDON

It is certainly not every day that we get approached by an international musician and rapper requesting that we collaborate with them on a bespoke project, but back in October our bespoke production team was faced with an almost surreal enquiry from Fatman Scoop, the American Artist who has written and produced music for over 20 years working with the likes of PitBull, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. As you can imagine our team were delighted to have had this opportunity to work with Fatman Scoop and help him realise his vision, creating unique items of furniture for his New York home.

Having put the items of furniture into production, Fatman Scoop announced a further element to this project that would turn a relatively simple item of furniture into a work of art. Scoop wanted to embellish his items with the work of Mr Doodle, the artist who is renowned for making doodling an art form. Mr Doodle has doodled his way around the world and has collaborated with some amazing brands including Adidas and MTV. His work can be seen on the products of major fashion houses, floors, doors and now on the furniture of legendary American Rapper, Fatman Scoop. 

The PLINTHS.LONDON team worked relentlessly to get the two artists together under one roof, coordinating the schedules of two very busy men living in two different continents! Finally it was agreed that all parties come together in the PLINTHS.LONDON showroom in the UK, allowing Mr Doodle and Fatman Scoop the opportunity to meet in person for the first time. Mr Doodle would patiently doodle all over the coffee table under the watchful eye of Scoop and the PLINTHS.LONDON team. As the piece of furniture was being created the interactive art form was coming to life through social media, streaming live on all social media channels and captured for the fans of Fatman Scoop and Mr Doodle.

Having spent several hours working on the items, Mr Doodle had finally produced a truly unique item that would take centre stage in the home of Fatman Scoop. The collaboration was a fantastic success for everyone involved, and it was a real pleasure having the opportunity to work with two extremely talented artists. We would again like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this project and to Fatman Scoop and Mr Doodle who left us all with some amazing memories that we will never forget. 

New store inspirations – CELINE, SoHo, New York

Working in the design industry we are inspired by the wonders of nature, materials, architecture, art and society around us.  On rare occasions you find yourself immersed in environments that encapsulate all of these points of reference, and it was during a recent visit to the Celine store in Manhattan where this became very apparent. From the moment you walk into the store you are met by giant glass and stainless steel doors that look like something out of the volts of the Bank of England, as they slowly swing open your eyes are overloaded with the sights of beautiful clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories all sitting amongst the space like jewels glistening in the New York sunshine. The vision of Hedi Slimane (Creative Director) is one of complete beauty and elegance mixed with a sophisticated masculine edge. His unique store designs bring retail and interior architecture into the same playing field, with the interiors supporting the beauty of the Celine clothing and the clothing supporting the interior like a fine piece of art hanging in an opulent ball room. 

All aspects of the store work so perfectly together with such thoughtful use of materials. Show stopping black and white marble walls great the floors with such ease and elegance, juxtaposed against monolithic columns clad in light oak, white travertine and polished stainless steel. As your eye wonders around the store taking in the fantastic materials on show, you can’t help but notice the consistent use of a shadow gap, a builders nightmare but a design detail must have! There are no two surfaces in the Celine store where you don’t have a shadow gap and it is this attention to detail that elevates the concept to another level. With all these materials packed into a relatively small retail space, you would expect it to be overwhelming, however this pallet of colour and materials work together like a dream. 

If you are as inspired as we were by this amazing space then you may want to consider utilising some of our products at PLINTHS.LONDON. We are always striving to bring the current trends to the forefront of the furniture rental market, and our current product ranges take into consideration changing trends, materials and styles. Take a look at some of our new lines and be inspired…..